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My Office Visit

To better prepare you for your visit, below is a brief explanation of how a “typical” visit at our facility transpires.

If You are a New Patient

Arrive approximately 20 minutes early to complete the necessary paperwork.

Bring your insurance card and a photo ID with you. These will be scanned into your chart and serve as a protection against Identity Theft. (Care could be denied with out these documents.)

Remember to bring any X-rays, studies, tests or office notes from other health care providers that are pertinent to your visit. (These may have already been sent by your provider for you.) When you make sure these are available for your visit we avoid repetitive tests/studies. Together we can help keep health care costs down.

Be prepared to pay your co-pay, if applicable.

If you are a Returning Patient

You will need to stop at the Front Desk to acknowledge that you are here. You may need to update some information for your chart and/or provide your current insurance card.

Be prepared to pay your co-pay, if applicable.

After Your Paperwork is Done

One of our nursing staff will escort you to an exam room (as they become available) and enter a brief medical history into your electronic chart.

You may be asked to change into gym shorts or a gown to facilitate the examination portion of your visit.

Be prepared with the questions you wish to cover during your visit with the physician. (E.g. weight bearing status, medications, can I drive, return to activities/work, etc.)

If indicated by your physician, or previously ordered in your chart, X-rays may be taken prior to your being seen by your physician.

Your Visit With Your Physician

Be prepared to explain your problem (Onset, duration, etc)

Physical Exam

Possible additional tests/studies/therapy/surgery may be ordered

Make sure your questions are answered

If tests, physical therapy, procedures, or surgery are ordered

In most cases we will help you schedule these before you leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I saw my doctor in Redwood Falls, but my bill came from Mankato.

A: All of our bills, for all of our out-reach clinics, are mailed from our Mankato office.

Q: Can someone else pick up my record?

A: Usually, however, we need your authorization for that.

Q: Will my insurance cover this treatment?

A: Please call our insurance department at (507) 386-6603 to get detailed information on what part of your procedure is covered.